The Scorpion F18 was born in April 2012, launched by Martín Vanzulli who continued to refine the design until in 2015 eXploder decided to support the initiative and invested to make the project a reality.

After routing the plug and getting the molds done, the first hull sets were built in the eXploder yard in Poland. Among the first batch a Scorpion F18 was built for Mischa Heemskerk to participate in the 2015 Worlds. The new platform was sailed for the first time by Mischa & Francesco Bianchi hours before the regatta.

The Scorpion showed some promising performance out of the box and after the Worlds Francesco told us : “The Scorpion will become a World Champion design in the future” …

And he was right. On a blasting performance by the Dutch crew the Exploder Scorpion F18 grabbed its first World Title in 2017 in dominating fashion. In the following years another 2 World Titles followed with 2 different crews, also sweeping the podium in the last Worlds before the pandemic, making it absolutely clear that the constant development philosophy at eXploder brought the boat to an unmatched performance level.


Type: catamaran, non foiling
Design: “box rule”
Crew: 2 (both trapeze, 140-170 kg)
Boat weight: 180kg
LOH: 5.52m (18 ft 1 in)
Beam: 2.60m
Mast length: 9.1m
Main sail area: 17m²
Jib area: 4.3m²
Gennaker area: 21m²
Upwind sail area: 21.3m²
Downwind sail area: 42.3m²

Hulls – glass fiber with epoxy resin
Rudders, Daggerboards – carbon fiber prepreg
Beams – aluminium, constant cross section
Mast – aluminium, constant cross section


F18 World Championship 2021:
 1st Mitch Booth / Ruben Booth (EXPLODER SCORPION F18)
 2nd Cruz Gonzalez Smith / Mariano Heuser (EXPLODER SCORPION F18)
 3rd Augustin Krevisky / Nicolas Aragones (EXPLODER SCORPION F18)

F18 World Championship 2019:
 1st Darren Bundock / Conor Nicholas (EXPLODER SCORPION F18)
 2nd Danny Paschalidis / Kostas Trigonis (EXPLODER SCORPION F18)
 3rd Cruz Gonzalez Smith /Mariano Heuser (EXPLODER SCORPION F18)
 4th Mitch / Ruben Booth (EXPLODER SCORPION F18)

F18 World Championship 2018:
 1st Danny Paschalidis / Kostas Trigonis (EXPLODER SCORPION F18)

F18 World Championship 2017:
 1st Mischa Heemskerk / Stephan Dekker (EXPLODER SCORPION F18)

F18 European Championship 2018:
 1st Iordanis Paschalidis / Konstantinos Trigonis (EXPLODER SCORPION F18)


Yes, eXploder is all about performance. Yes, we invest and dive into R&D head on. Yes, we don’t like to compromise. But the F18 class is all about affordability, durability and fair racing.

The ease of transport is one of a kind in a high performance cat. The minimum weight requirement of the class makes it much less relevant how big and heavy you are. If you’re too light you need to put extra led in the boat. All this paired with a fraction of the price of other high-performance cats make the F18 Class an obvious choice for sailors of most levels!